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The Societe Anonyme with the name “ELIN STATIONS SA – TRADING COMPANY” and trade name “ELIN STATIONS S.A.” was incorporated on 22 July 2005 (Government Gazette 8646/04.08.2005). The company is recorded in the Societes Anonyme Register with No 58976/01ΑΤ/Β/05/313. Its term is fixed until 31.12.2090. The company’s headquarters are specified as the Municipality of Kifissia, Attica (33, Pigon St.) and its line of business is to operate liquid fuel stations, vessel refueling stations and carry out retail sales, in general. Pursuant to Article 4 of its Articles of Association, the scope of the company is to:

  • carry out retail sales for all types of commodities and products in general and in particular to trade liquid fuels, lubricants, liquid gases, solid fuels and all sorts of related products
  • represent domestic or foreign enterprises
  • provide services related to the aforementioned
  • design and construct technical works and in particular liquid fuel stations, car stations, marinas, oil product and solid fuel facilities, other energy sources, etc
  • exercise any similar business activity and
  • establish subsidiaries or other companies and participate in existing or future companies of any type (including maritime) whose scope is similar or identical with those of this company, and to undertake any type of cooperation with businesses of the above type.


If you wish to contact elin Stations, please call: 210 62 41 500 , Fax: 210 62 41 629 

You can also contact the following e-mail address: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  


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