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In anticipation of the fact a large number of consumers are turning to liquefied petroleum gas as their choice vehicle fuel and that the automobile industry’s responce to this trend, ELINOIL has initiated a partnership with PETROGAZ, one of the oldest LPG companies in Greece, which holds a leading position in its sector and places great importance on quality and environmental protection issues. This partnership concerns the creation of elin service stations which will supplement the range of their products with LPG fuel supplied to ELINOIL by PETROGAZ.

The first elin service station offering LPG fuel has already began operating in Florina and the company aims to set up similar stations throughout Greece over the following period. Drivers visiting an elin station with the AutoGas mark and PETROGAZ logo on its pylon will know that they can be supplied with LPG fuel, with absolute safety and the commitment to quality and service for which ELINOIL and PETROGAZ are both known.


LPG can be used as automotive fuel by all petrol-driven vehicles following the correct conversion according to vehicle type. Conversion is carried out by an authorized workshop-engineer licensed to install, maintain and repair LPG devices in cars; the engineer must also have the relevant license.

LPG as a fuel is equally safe as petrol since:

  • the pressure within the tank and the lack of oxygen exclude any possibility of explosion;
  • in the event of leakage, the gas is diffused into the environment and does not concentrate in the surrounding area like liquid fuels;
  • the combustion system is protected by the appropriate valves (check valve, excess flow valve, maximum level valve, safety valve)


Using LPG as automotive fuel has many environment-related advantages given that research has shown that its use signifies fewer emissions of carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxides and noxious particles. In 2004, a European pollutant emission program, following tests conducted in four different independent laboratories in Europe using petrol, automotive diesel and LPG, confirmed that the latter is much more environmentally friendly. In detail, using LPG as automotive fuel in comparison with unleaded petrol means:

  • 20% fewer CO2 emissions, which have a significant effect on the greenhouse effect;
  • more than a 100% decrease in NOx, which are responsible mainly for the creation of smog;
  • reduced particle emissions which are particularly dangerous for human health, causing respiratory problems and heart disease.

Cost-effectiveness is among the advantages of LPG as automotive fuel since its price is significantly lower than that of petrol. It is also estimated that it contributes to a longer engine life-expectancy since it keeps both lubricants and ignition plugs clean.


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