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A unique trust relationship

Industry was the starting-point for ELINOIL. During the first decades of its operation, sales to major industries formed the core of its activities.

Its customers were primarily large energy-consuming industries; penetrating this market was extremely difficult for the new and then unknown company, especially in a competitive environment largely dominated by large multinationals. By the 1960’s, however, ELINOIL had established itself and still holds one of the leading positions in the sales of liquid and solid fuels to Greek industry, while also being a reliable and responsible solution for the supply of leading- technology lubricants.

In a sector where any suspension of refueling often has disastrous consequences, elin has been able to overcome all obstacles where others have failed, thanks to its excellent infrastructure (privately-owned tanker trucks, tankers and facilities) and, mostly, the experience, know-how and enthusiasm of its staff. At the same time, it has proved a valuable partner to industries, providing appropriate advisory and technical support and speedy solutions to any problems concerning industrial fuels and lubricants.

For the above reasons, elin is perhaps the only company that has always stood by industry as the most reliable energy advisor, and many have called it “industry’s company”.

Industrial sectors

  • Industrial units / factories
  • Quarries / earthwork machinery
  • Ready concrete
  • Pottery plants
  • Transport operators
  • Private vehicle fleets
  • Technical companies

Industrial fuels

  • Automotive Diesel
  • Heating diesel
  • HFO 1500 – 1% sulphur content
  • HFO 3500 – 1% sulphur content
  • Euro95 RON Unleaded petrol
  • 100 RON Unleaded petrol
  • Asphalt


ελινικά νέα - Τεύχος 20
ελιν-ικά νέα - Καλοκαίρι 2017