elin Lubricants

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elin lubricants and elin special products are products which surpass by far the latest international specifications and all requirements for top-quality lubrication. The quality management systems applied to their production and packaging have been certified according to the ISO 9000 standards.

elin lubricants – Vehicle and industrial lubricants

The products of the new elin lubricants range have been tested under extremely harsh conditions and can guarantee optimum performance and top quality. Moreover, the Tec signature on the elin lubricants, greases and special products range is a hallmark of their high-tech status.

The new generation of lubricants includes the following products:

  • The autoTec, dieselTec, agroTec, motoTec, mareTec, gearTec and transTec products, designed to ensure absolute protection for all types of vehicle.
  • The heavyTec products, which fully cover high industrial lubrication requirements.
  • The greaseTec greases that ensure top performance under even the harshest conditions.

These state-of-the-art elin lubricants offer power to a vehicle or machine exactly where it needs it most, internally! This is why they are described as “inner power”.

elin special products – Products for specialized applications

These are the multitec products for specialized applications. The range includes anti-freeze/coolant fluids for all types of vehicles, break fluids, diesel flow improvers (antifreeze), kerosene and special cleaning/antifreeze fluids for vehicle windshields. Multitec products are powerful allies for drivers on any road, under all weather conditions, for every requirement. For more information on all the categories of the elin lubricants range, click on the following links:


Η ελίν Υποστηρικτής Λαμπαδηδρομίας της ΕΟΕ
Η ελίν Υποστηρικτής Λαμπαδηδρομίας της ΕΟΕ