Useful tips on the correct way to take a heating diesel delivery

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The most reliable method that you can apply and check yourselves involves measuring the level of diesel in you tank before and after delivery, in accordance with the following instructions:

k3528312Measuring the level of diesel in the tank by using a metre

  • Use your own metallic metre or measuring bar or a metre provided by the ELIN driver, which must be correctly calibrated, to measure the quantity of fuel in your tank prior to delivery.
  • Ensure that the metre touches the bottom of the tank during measurement.
  • To perform the post delivery measurement, wait 2 or 3 minutes after completion of the delivery so that the surface of the diesel is "calm" and has no foam.
  • Place the metre in the same place for both pre and post delivery measurements.
  • Make sure the metre is rigid and placed vertically in the tank during post delivery measurement.
  • You must be aware of the exact dimensions of your tank, so that you are able to calculate correctly the volume of fuel per centimetre of height for your tank.

Quantity (per centimetre of height, in litres) = Length (in centimetres) x Width (in centimetres): 1000

k3528312Measurement by using the tank gauge

  • Use the tank gauge only as a complementary measurement method. Using a measuring metre as described above is more accurate.
  • Make sure that the level pipe contains the same fuel as the tank and not a lighter liquid such as a mixture of petrol and iodine, which might show a higher level than the actual level of the tank.

k3528312Measurement by using the tank truck gauge

  • Make sure that all the content of the hose is emptied into your tank. This is normally done by supplying pressurized air at the end of the delivery.
  • At the end of the delivery, when emptying the hose, make sure that the gauge is not still "counting".
  • Use the tank truck gauge only as an auxiliary measurement aid and apply the pre and post delivery measurements by using a metre.


  • Be present during both pre and post delivery measurement procedures. The results of these measurements must be written on the consignment note (in accordance with relevant provisions of the market inspection authority), after they are agreed upon by the customer and transport operator. Tank cleaning

There is no way to estimate the quantity of sediment at the bottom of a tank during cleaning. Monitor the tank cleaning procedure as closely as possible. 

Delivery control system by the diesel supplier

Among the criteria for selecting a heating diesel supplier should be price, level of service and reliability, satisfactory control procedures over transport operators and whether they perform random sampling checks. 


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