Sea Tourism

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Everybody acknowledges that quality tourism must be developed in Greece. However, a few are not content to merely talk about or make theoretical plans but take action (small or larger scale) without waiting for the State to define a clear framework.

Even if its business is not directly linked with the development of the tourism industry, elin realized it could take action and in 1995, our company made its business decisions and established an explicit strategy aimed at becoming the most specialized, upright and reliable company in marine tourism energy service in Greece.

ELINOIL’s vision on marine tourism is to render the elin brand a reference point for the responsible, consistent, friendly and effective service of all those travelling on the Greek seas. The company’s mission is to contribute, through its business scope, to the enhancement of quality marine tourism in a bold and imaginative manner, by opening up new horizons even if it means overcoming numerous challenges which tend to hinder any pioneering initiative.


elin Yachting Services

In the context of elin yachting special services, we take every precaution at all times to avoid any soiling or other damage (using appropriate absorbing towels) to the vessel being refueled while a fuel sample is delivered during every refueling operation. Refueling tanker trucks and elin refueling stations that serve recreational boats are always fitted with all special, anti-pollutant devices in order to promptly deal with any situation which could create sea pollution risks.

Furthermore, in the context of our fuel distribution quality management system, specialized inspectors carry out systematic samplings of fuel deliveries to ensure fast delivery, top quality and the right quantity of fuels received by ELINOIL customers.

At the same time, deliveries to the marinas in Attica (Zea, Peace and Friendship Stadium, Flisvos, Alimos and Vouliagmeni), is realized solely by privately-owned tanker trucks, without mediators, thus securing top service level and accurate quantities.


Πιστοποιητικό ISO 9001:2015
Πιστοποιητικό ISO 9001:2015
Πολιτική Ποιότητας
Πολιτική Ποιότητας