Solid Fuels

In 1979, during the oil crisis, ELINOIL, in anticipation of the Greek industry’s need for cheaper fuels, decided to dynamically enter the field of solid fuels. The company has made significant investments in logistic infrastructure, acquired know-how and, at the same time, has secured partnerships with the most important producers of the international market. Very soon, ELINOIL has become one of the largest coal importers in Greece.

At the same time, following methodical preparation and the acquisition of the necessary know-how, ELINOIL introduced a new fuel, petcoke, which was being used by energy-intensive industries in other countries. It made significant investments in a petcoke storage, processing and grinding plant in Aspropyrgos and developed significant sales, effectively training the Greek market for the use of this new product. It then expanded its range of products, which in addition to petcoke now includes a full range of solid fuels such as anthracite, coal and metallurgical coke.

Today, ELINOIL has two well-equipped and modern solid fuel processing and grinding plants, in Aspropyrgos and Volos. Thus, with great experience and know-how in this area, besides an integrated product range, it also provides know-how, equipment and technical support in areas such as limestone, ceramics, steelmaking and others. At the same time due to its great expertise and know-how in the field of solid fuels, ELINOIL is able to seek and evaluate opportunities for expansion outside Greece.

Finally, ELINOIL, having established partnerships for many years, has a flexible fleet of silo vehicles capable of responding to difficult conditions in a timely and secure manner. It is thus able to offer the high level of service expected by its customers.


Detailed Tables of Products


Petcoke AnthraciteMetallurgical coke  CoalFlexicoke 


Solid Fuels processing plants

Thanks to the know-how developed in relation to solid fuels and the two state-of-the-art solid fuel processing plants located in Aspropyrgos and Volos, ELINOIL is the reliable and responsible partner of Greek industry.



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