Port Facilities

ELINOIL is able to provide excellent service to its customers at almost every port in Greece. elin marine department draws on its great experience and its wealth of technical and commercial expertise, offering its customers maximum benefit and convenience in a highly competitive market. At the same time, elin marine department is also able to assure its customers their supply with marine lubricants at hundreds of ports worldwide. ELINOIL supplies its customers with elin marine lubricants in all major Greek ports, with true bulk and packed lubricants at anchorage and alongside, as well as at the most important shipping crossroad of the East, Singapore (both IPL and OPL). Since 2005, elin marine lubricants are also available in most major and minor Chinese ports, and Taiwan. Since 2009 elin marine lubricants are available in North Europe and in U.A.E. with true bulk and packed products. In Latin America, ELINOIL enjoys a long-term excellent partnership with the national Brazilian company Petrobras, supplying true bulk and packed products in a wide variety of Brazilian ports.

In worldwide spectrum, and in areas where the company has not established a supply agreement in order to offer elin marine lubricants, ELINOIL is a great service provider collaborating with major marine lubricants brands maintaining at the same time adherence to its values of excellent and quality services.