Crystal Fuels

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With a completely innovative formula, using the unique elin technology of amine combination:

  • It dissolves microbial contamination as it breaks down the “glue” that holds the bacterial colony. It isolates and spreads the micro-organisms, which eventually pass through the fuel system and burn.
  • It prevents the creation of new contamination, since it prevents bacteria from sticking together and creating sludge.
  • It reduces maintenance costs by keeping the engine clean.
  • It protects against rust and corrosion because it creates a protective layer between the tank and the fuel. The Amine Combination Technology used in Diesel Crystal was awarded for its anti-corrosion properties by the Petroleum Marketers Association of America.
  • It separates water, allowing only clean diesel crystal to move from the station tank to the vehicle tank.
  • It lubricates the engine, because it improves the lubricating properties of the oil.
  • It protects human health and the environment, since it is the only product to combat bacterial contamination without containing a biocidal product.
  • It respects the environment, since it burns better and results in less soot.
  • It offers antifreeze protection in the winter.

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NEW innovative unleaded gasoline from elin


Top performance

  • Improved acceleration (1) up to 8.1%
  • Increase of horsepower & torque up to 5.9%(2)
  • Improved acceleration means greater safety (3)

Protection of the engine

  • By continuously using crystal unleaded, the engine is kept up to 99% clean (4)
  • It prevents the formation of black sludge(5)
  • It keeps the filters clean
  • It protects from corrosion
  • It reduces the gas emissions by 32%

Excellent economy

  • Up to 1,000 more kilometers per year(6,7)
  • Longer life and lower maintenance costs

and thus your car is upgraded.

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(1) According to a test carried out on the VW Golf 1.6 FSI, the average acceleration improvement was 8.1%. (2) The test was based on a VW Golf 1.6 FSI engine, which had travelled 160,000 km before testing and then consumed crystal unleaded for another 2,000 kilometers. The exact percentage increase in horsepower may vary depending on the type of car, conditions and driving style. (3) The truck is 18 meters and travels with 64 km/h. The red car is moving with 92 km/h, the green due to crystal unleaded travels with 94 km/h, while both cars pass by with the 4th speed and need 11 meters before and 11 meters after the truck for overtaking. The exact rate of increase in acceleration may vary depending on the type of vehicle, conditions and driving style. (4) The test was carried out on a Mercedes car in accordance with the CEC-F-05 protocol. The exact percentage of sediment reduction may vary depending on the type of vehicle, conditions and driving style. (5) In the combustion chamber. (6) The test was conducted on VW 1.6 Golf, according to the European Driving Cycles ECE 1505 & USTP75. (7) The 1,000 kilometers refer to a test conducted on VW 1.6 Golf in European ECE 1505 & USTP75 driving cycles and the vehicle has reached 20,000 km/year. Exact mileage may vary according to the annual mileage, vehicle type, conditions and driving style.