e-card business card

With an expanding nationwide network of service stations and strong infrastructure throughout Greece, elin provides the opportunity for those who have a corporate fleet of vehicles to enjoy the elin services by using their e-card. Select the service stations that belong to the elin network and serve you more depending on the location in which your business is predominantly extended.

Through the e-card website and the individual security passwords you receive when you join the programme, you get the opportunity to:

  • Monitor the “real” time of transactions made with your cards;
  • Manage your account through your payment history and export all data based on your own operating systems;
  • Online application for card interruption/ replacement, changes in limits and categories of purchase and issuance of new ones.

By acquiring an e-card to monitor and control your corporate fleet, you automatically enjoy the multiple benefits of the card.

  • Economy
    • You are informed in detail about all your transactions, while you pay your balance at a time that you have centrally chosen in the company.
    • You receive detailed statistics on all transactions of each vehicle or each card you have, minimizing the required working time.
    • You make meaningful and safe conclusions through the analytics you receive to help you manage your corporate fleet more effectively.
    • You are long-term winners of the high quality of the fuel available from the elin service station network, avoiding extra maintenance costs due to poor quality fuels.
  • Safety
    • Ensure your transactions through a secret PIN number that the cardholder inserts each time at the elin station terminal.
    • You avoid using cash and you are benefited from the security and validity of using the e-card.
  • Control
    • Through the analytics sent to you, you gain full control over the fleet of corporate vehicles and you are now able to immediately make the necessary corrective moves.
  • Flexibility
    • You select through the card the products and services you wish to be provided to the holder of each card individually.
    • You define the monthly credit limit of each cardholder individually in Euros or in liters.


View here the elin service stations that have the e-card.

Starting from this year, the DKV fleet card holders will be able to find the ever-best level of service in the ELINOIL service network.

It is one of the oldest, most widespread and recognized Card in the area of business fleets of heavy vehicles and beyond.

The first installment of the DKV Card will soon be completed in about 30 selected points of our network across Greece.

In these points, the holders of the Card will be able to obtain at the moment excellent quality Crude Oil and Crystal Crude Oil, Gasoline (Unleaded, Crystal Unleaded, Unleaded 100 Oct), as well as the well known Ad-blue additive (available from a pump ). In the near future, our collaboration with DKV will be extended to other products and services as well.

Find in the map the points of our network that accept DKV card.

Contact the competent department of the company and get detailed information about the use of the e-card and the benefits it offers to the professionals.


e-card Customer Service Department   

Tel.: +30 210 6241618

Fax: +30 210 6241629

Email: elincard@elin.gr