Reward Programmes

Elin always makes sure to support the consumer public in practice and offer solutions whose main characteristic is the reward and the real benefit of those who choose to buy fuel and lubricants at the company’s service stations.



go4more programme


A new partnership has started between elin and the National Bank, regarding the NBG customer reward programme called go4more. By signing up for this programme, it is possible for customers of the elin stations network who use cards of the National Bank to win at each transaction.

In particular, every €1 of purchases with credit cards of the National Bank at the elin stations network equals 8 go4more points. These points can be redeemed at the partner companies of the programme, which means a reward in Euros.

With this programme, elin proves once again its philosophy of continuously expanding its services and programmes, aiming at the absolute satisfaction of its customers.


Win up to 8 go4more points for every €1 of purchases with cards of the National Bank.


Every €1 of purchases with debit cards of the National Bank at the elin stations network equals 4 go4more points.

View here the service stations participating in the programme.



Return Programme

Every time you buy fuel, lubricants, heating oil or any other product available at the elin gas stations, and you pay your transaction via Eurobank, you automatically earn Euros. The Euros you have collected from your transactions with any company participating in the Return Programme can be redeemed at your next purchase at the elin stores by paying less or even nothing at all.

The ability to use the Return Programme is applicable to a large number of selected elin service stations. For additional information regarding the elin service stations participating in the Return Programme or any other clarification you need regarding the Programme, call on 210 6241500 and the people of elin are there to help you.


View here the service stations participating in the Return programme.  



Diners Club

Elin, within the solutions it offers to the customers who choose the elin service stations to buy fuels and lubricants, started its cooperation with the Diners Club. The Diners Club has more than fifty years of presence in the Greek market, offering its members numerous repayable privileges. Diners Card Holders and Club members have the option of making purchases at selected elin service stations.

View here the cooperating service stations.