elin Yachting network

elin yachting network throughout Greece

135 elin service stations compose a very extensive service station coastal network ensuring the continuance of its customers’ travel wherever they are.

Download the new elin leaflet concerning the elin Yachting services .

elin Yachting network

elin within the framework of providing special elin Υachting services, is a point of reference for responsible, consistent, friendly and efficient service to all those travelling in our seas. It supplies its numerous customers across the country while also contributing the maximum in raising the service level even higher by attracting more business owners into the marinas of the country.

Beside the elin service stations where you can experience the high level of specialized elin Yachting services, you have the ability to select from the numerous elin service stations included in the company’s coastal network throughout Greece to refill your boat. Our partners are always willing to serve you and offer you the top quality fuels and lubricants you need.

See below the services stations of elin coastal network and entire elin Υachting club network, select the service station that is closest to you and take advantage of the unique elin Υachting services.

elin Yachting Club network and elin service stations coastal network  


Contact for elin Yachting orders

  +30 210 62 41 600
+30 694 43 93 760
+30 210 62 41 629


Wherever you are, pay for fuels easy, fast and conveniently!

Port Authorities

Depending on the area of Greece that you are interested in, there are corresponding port authorities. In detail, the port authorities’ phone numbers are listed below:

Port Authorities