Excellent deliveries

Excellent deliveries (in both quality and quantity):


  • Our fuel delivery and customer service are performed directly from the company, without the use of any kind of intermediaries (dealers, resellers, contractors, service stations, etc.). We are thus completely different from all other companies operating in this field.


  • We use exclusively privately owned tankers with drivers who are employees of the company (selected with strict criteria, constantly trained and regularly paid with the full benefits of ELINOIL employees).


  • In 2009 we installed in all our tankers a satellite tracking system (GPS) that monitors online and records the route of each car, as well as an electronic oil level measurement system in each compartment of the tanker, which also monitors online and records the change in fuel quantity throughout the tanker’s journey.


  • Last but not least, in 2000 we created a special quality control and delivery service with control inspectors who carry out random and targeted checks on deliveries, verifying the compliance with the correct delivery and receipt procedure, and also perform checks and measurements on tankers.