Whatever fuel consumers need, ELINOIL is committed to not only satisfying but exceeding expectations with the quality of its products. Elin fuels are subject to multiple controls at all stages of their transport until they reach the consumer in order to ensure their absolute quality.

ELINOIL has the following fuels:

  • Gasoline 95RON
  • Gasoline 95RON Unleaded Crystal
  • Gasoline  100RON
  • Gasoline  LRP 
  • Diesel fuel
  • Diesel Crystal
  • Heating Oil



ELINOIL, in anticipation of the shift of a significant number of consumers to the use of LPG as a vehicle fuel and the automotive industry’s response to this trend, has established a partnership with PETROGAS, one of the oldest LPG companies in Greece, with a leading presence in its sector and with special care for quality and environmental protection.

LPG can be used as a driving fuel by all gasoline-powered cars with a suitable conversion according to the type of car. The conversion is done by an authorized workshop/ engineer with a license to operate a workshop, install, maintain and repair LPG devices in cars and with a corresponding license to exercise the engineering profession. LPG as a fuel is as safe as gasoline, since:

  • the pressure inside the tank and the absence of oxygen exclude the possibility of explosion in a possible leak, the gas diffuses into the environment and is not concentrated in the surrounding area such as liquid fuels.
  • the combustion system is protected by suitable valves (non-return, overflow, maximum level, safety)