Our Company

Dear friends,

I welcome you to the website of ELINOIL, a purely Greek company that, since its establishment in 1954, has been effectively, consistently and responsibly covering the energy needs of thousands of Greeks.

Our company, also known as elin, has a multifaceted business activity that is not found in other companies in our industry. Today, having successfully completed 60 years of business action, we can be proud of a number of achievements.

– We have an extensive network of elin service stations that is distinguished for the quality of fuels and the level of service it offers.

– We are a point of reference in the service of yachts in terms of fuels and lubricants.

– We have a leading presence in supplying the Greek industry with liquid fuels, solid fuels and lubricants.

– We deliver lubricants throughout the world, any time on time, for seagoing shipping.

– We consistently and responsibly serve the heating needs of buildings and homes.

At the same time, we are successfully expanding through our subsidiaries, in the field of construction with elin Technical, in the maritime transport of fuels with elin Shipping and in the operation and management of service stations with elin Stations. Our company holds a 37% stake in elin Biofuels, a company that is active in the biofuel production and has a biodiesel plant in Volos. In 2004 ELINOIL was admitted to the main list of Athens Stock Exchange, confirming its steady growth.

Our course is based on the significant infrastructure we have in fuel facilities, transport means and logistics. But the main factor to our success is our people. With passion for their work, dedication to customer service and absolute commitment to quality, they embody the culture of ELINOIL.

Apart from our business development, we are also constantly pursuing the consolidation of the petroleum industry, a sector with many distortions and problems. Our company has pioneered the fuel quality control programme launched in 1998 with the National Technical University (NTUA) while continuing to introduce new methods to ensure the delivery of clean fuels to the right quantity for consumers. At the same time, through the Hellenic Petroleum Companies Association (SEEPE), of which it is a founding member, ELINOIL strives for the institutional strengthening of the industry in order to ensure fair competition.

ELINOIL will continue to grow by remaining consistent in its principles of ethos, consistency and reliability, offering excellent quality products and services and ensuring that each of its activities is a SERIOUS ACTIVITY that is done with respect to the customers, the community, our people and, of course, the environment.



Giannis Aligizakis