elin Verd

The société anonyme under the name “Elin Verd S.A. – Sustainable Products and Services” and the distinctive title “VERD” was established on 1/8/2005 (Government Gazette 8630/ 04.08.05). The company is registered in the S.A. Register under the number 006426501000, and its term was set until 31/12/2090. The company’s headquarters are the Municipality of Kifissia, Attica, 24, Andrianou Street, and its main activity is the production and distribution of biofuels.

Elin Verd operates a biodiesel plant at Volos 2nd Industrial Area, with a production capacity of 80,000 MT/year. It has the potential to use exclusively waste as raw material (Used Cooking Oil, animal fats), while the final product is distilled biodiesel that meets the European specifications and has significantly better qualities than traditional biodiesel. Also having almost no CO2 footprint, it is ranked at the top of biofuels in terms of environmental benefit.

The object of the company, in accordance with Article 4 of its Articles of Association, is:

  • the procurement, collection and processing of raw materials for the production of biofuels;
  • the establishment and operation of industrial plants for the production of biofuels;
  • the wholesale and retail trade of all kinds of goods and products in general, and in particular the marketing of liquid fuels, liquefied petroleum gas, solid fuels, biofuels and all kinds of related products;
  • the import and export of liquid fuels, lubricants, solid fuels, biofuels and all kinds of related products;
  • the representation of domestic or foreign enterprises;
  • the provision of services in general, and in particular related to the above;
  • the design and construction of technical projects, in particular gas stations, car stations, marinas, petroleum products, solid fuels, installations and factories of biofuels and other forms of energy, etc;
  • the exercise of any similar business; and
  • the establishment of subsidiaries or non-companies and the participation in existing or established companies of all types (even maritime), as well as the cooperation of other forms with enterprises of the above kind.


To contact Elin Verd, please call on Tel.: +30 214 444 0144. 

Address: 24 Andrianou Str., GR 145 61, Kifissia

You can also send an email at: info@elinverd.gr or visit the company’s website: www.elinverd.gr



Shareholder Structure & Board of Directors of ElinVerd


Shareholders Number of Shares Rate of Contribution
Yannis Courouclis 68,760 55%
ELINOIL S.A. 46,250 37%
Stefanos Kinigos 6,250 5%
Lefteris Antonakopoulos 3,740 3%



The company is administered by a seven-member Board of Directors, which consists of:

Yannis Courouclis Chairman & CEO
Haris Kinigos Vice-Chairman
Giannis Aligizakis Member
Lefteris Antonakopoulos Member
Ioannis Zirinis Member
Vasilis Ntourtoglou Member
Georgios Tsounias Member

The Board’s term of office expires on 30/06/2021