elin Stations

The société anonyme under the name “ELIN STATIONS – TRADING COMPANY” and the distinctive title “ELIN STATIONS S.A” was established on 22/7/2005 (Government Gazette 8646/04.08.05). The company is registered in the S.A. Register under the number 58976/01AT/B/05/313, and its term was set until 31/12/2090. The company’s headquarters are the Municipality of Kifissia, Attica, 33, Pigon Street, and its main activities include the operation of liquid fuel stations, refueling stations and in general retail sales.

Object of the company, in accordance with Article 4 of its Articles of Association, is:

  • the retail trade of all kinds of goods and products in general, and in particular the marketing of liquid fuels, lubricants, liquefied petroleum gas, solid fuels and all kinds of related products;
  • the representation of domestic or foreign enterprises;
  • the provision of services related to the above;
  • the design and construction of technical projects, in particular gas stations, car stations, marinas, petroleum products, solid fuels, installations and factories of biofuels and other forms of energy, etc;
  • the exercise of any similar business; and
  • the establishment of subsidiaries or non-companies and the participation in existing or established companies of all types (even maritime), as well as the cooperation of other forms with enterprises of the above kind.


To contact elin Stations, please call on Tel.: +30 210 62 41 500 or use the Fax: +30 210 62 41 629

You can also send an email at: elin-stations@elin.gr



Shareholder Structure & Board of Directors of ELIN Stations

Its share capital amounts to EUR 1,100,000 divided in 27,500 shares with a nominal value of EUR 40.00 each and its shareholder structure is as follows:

Shareholder Structure

Shareholders Number of Shares Rate of Contribution
ELINOIL S.A.   99.99%


Board of Directors

The company is administered by a three-member Board of Directors which consists of:

Giannis Aligizakis Chairman
Georgios Tsounias Vice-Chairman
Giannis Diamantopoulos Member

The Board’s term of office expires on 30/06/2021.