elin Technical

 Elin Technical is a modern and dynamic Technical Company, which was founded in 2000 as a 100% subsidiary of ELINOIL, from which it acquired the experienced team and the important infrastructure in equipment and know-how of demanding projects.

At first, it supported the parent company in its diverse technical needs, by performing and maintaining oil and gas station projects.

Since 2002 it has realized a great expansion of its clientele with new clients – besides the ELINOIL Group – giving the company significant experience in a wide range of technical projects, with special expertise in building projects, commercial buildings (shops, warehouses etc), industrial buildings, as well as the provision of studies and technical support services. Recently, in line with the market needs, it has been remarkably active in banking projects, with particular emphasis on renovation works, which are the most dynamic trend in the modern construction market and are related to the current adverse economic circumstances. Taking advantage of its know-how and experience in quality projects of rapid completion, it has undertaken and built a series of projects for major private sector banks.

The strategy of elin Technical in the direction of business sustainability in a particularly demanding environment, such as construction, is based on the quality of the projects it performs and at the same time on the commitment to meeting the requirements of its customers.


To contact elin Technical, please call on Tel.: +30 210 62 41 500 & 570 or use the Fax: +30 210 62 41 579

You can also send an email at: sales@elintech.gr

For more information visit the company’s website: https://elintech.gr/

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