Sustainable Development

ELINOIL’s principle is to contribute to Greece’s prosperity with honesty and through substantive actions of social responsibility and sustainable development. The routing of specially adapted ships to meet island needs, the Fuel Quality & Quantity Control Program and Biofuels are tangible examples of the implementation of the company’s commitments to development that respects both the environment and people.


Today, ELINOIL can be proud of substantive results in various sectors.

  • The levels of irregular fuel samples established after the checks conducted at elin service stations are almost zero when respective measurements on the market indicate very high percentages of “unsuitability”.
  • The environmental imprint of the two state-of-the-art ships which cover the needs of the island network of service stations since 2006 is considerably reduced in comparison with the use of “conventional” ships.
  • elin Biofuels, an ELINOIL affiliated company, produces top quality biodiesel at its state-of-the-art production plant in Volos.

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