Tips when Receiving Oil

The most reliable measurement method, which you can apply and test yourself, is the method of estimate of quantities – measuring the level of your tank according to the following instructions:

Measuring tank level using a meter 

  • Use your own metal gauge or measuring rod, or the elin guide meter, which are correctly graded.
  • Make sure that the meter rests on the bottom of the tank during the estimate of quantities.
  • Check that the meter is rigid and is placed vertically in the tank during the estimate.
  • Place the meter at the same point in the estimate of quantities and measurement.
  • To measure, wait two to three minutes after delivery so that the oil surface “calms down” after foaming.
  • Know the exact dimensions of your tank so that you can correctly calculate the fuel volume per centimeter height of the tank.

Quantity (per centimeter height, in liters) = Length (in centimeters) x Width (in centimeters) : 1000

Measurement by tank gauge 

  • Use the tank gauge only as a supplementary way of measuring. Prefer the estimate of quantities – measurement method with a meter.
  • Make sure that the content of the level tube is similar to the content of the tank and is not a lighter fluid that will show a level higher than the actual.

Measurement by tanker meter 

  • Make sure that the content of the hose is fully emptied into the tank. This is normally done by supplying air with pressure at the end of delivery.
  • At the end of delivery, when emptying the hose, make sure that the meter does not “run”.
  • Consult the tank meter as an auxiliary way of measuring only on metal tanks and follow the estimate of quantities – measurement method for the tank by using a meter.


  • Be present during the estimate of quantities – measurement. The results of this process must (in accordance with the market provisions) be included in the dispatch note, upon agreement between the customer and the carrier.


Tank cleaning

There is no way of verifying the amount of sediment at the bottom of the tank during the cleaning process. Monitor as close as possible the tank cleaning. 


Delivery control system from the oil supplier

When selecting your supplier of heating oil, among other criteria, you must take into consideration its price, service, reliability, as well as whether there are satisfactory control procedures for its carriers, whether sample checks are carried out at unsubstantiated time by specialists, etc.